Structural Concrete Repair Including Concrete Cancer Repair

Concrete remediation work can be performed to structures requiring either aesthetic or structural concrete repair. It is a cost effective solution for unforeseen cracked, damaged, or incorrectly formed concrete elements. Work is completed in consultation with site engineering to ensure the structural integrity of the repaired item without causing delays to the project. Portolesi Structural specialise in large-scale structural concrete remedial services as well as architectural repairs and concrete patching.

Concrete Cancer

Concrete cancer is caused when the steel reinforcing within concrete begins to rust. As the steel rusts it expands to many times its original size causing the concrete to be displaced, crack, spall and/or flake away. As the steel pushes the concrete away, more water gets to the steel speeding up the process. Concrete spalling is another name for concrete cancer and is characterised by cracking and flaking concrete that may break away exposing steel rebar to the elements.

What to look out for to diagnose concrete cancer:

  • Flaking and/or cracking concrete
  • Leaking type rust stains emanating from within the concrete
  • Visual bubbling of concrete render
  • A hollow sound behind concrete render
  • Leaks which may appear in a roof or internal walls

Not treating concrete cancer can cause significant issues for the future such as; significant structural issues, trip hazards, flaking concrete falling from height onto people or property and un-realised property damage potential to name a few. Concrete repairs should be sought immediately to eliminate increased problems into the future.

Portolesi Structural offer a wide range of concrete restoration or concrete remediation solutions, reinstating the façade to original condition while treating the underlying issues to eliminate re-occurrence.

Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:

Renderoc Range

Renderoc HB40 is used for it's highly consistent, medium-weight, very low shrinkage, patch repair mortar.

Nanocrete Range

The Nanocrete range is used for it's fast setting repair and reprofiling mortar with it's bond strengths and densities.


Nitomortar 903 is used as the epoxy binder system to produce epoxy mortars of various consistencies.

Aftek Tuff Top

Aftek Tuff Top is a specially formulated floor leveling compound used to ensure a smooth flat surface is achieved.