Fire Retardant Spray, Intumescent Coatings and Fire Retardant Paint Application

The risk of fire to buildings, property and equipment is a consideration necessary in all new buildings and structures so Passive Fire Protection is one of the most important factors to be considered. Passive Fire Protection is designing a building in such a way that it’s difficult for a fire to start and spread and therefore includes compartmentalization of the overall building through the use of fire-resistance rated walls and floors.

Walls with control joints are protected with a rated fire sealant. Structural beams and columns can be treated with varying systems including vermiculate based fire sprays, intumescent paint or fire rated board. Penetrations through fire rated walls are treated with fire pillows, fire rated mortars and collars.

Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:

Grace Monokote MK6

Portolesi Structural is the only certified installer of Grace fireproofing Monokote MK-6 in South Australia, providing passive fire protection damage for up to four hours. It is the only fire retardant spray product tested to the new Australian Standard (AS4100 for Steel Structures). Portolesi Structural are also approved installers of Promat Cafco 300, the most widely used fire retardant spray in South Australia.

Grace Monokote Z146

Grace Monokote Z146 is used when spray applied material directly to structural steel (beam and columns) and is used where exposed areas are exposed to environment or in climatic conditions.

Cafco Sprayfilm WB

Cafco SprayFilm achieves required fire resistive ratings using less material than other intumescent coatings.

Cafco 300 Vermiculite Spray

Cafco 300 is a durable, vermiculite gypsum based, wet mix, commercial density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection to concealed floor and roof assembly.

Cafco Fenderlite

Cafco Fenderlite's high-density Wet Mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) is designed to provide fire protection for structural steel and concrete where physical abuse or high traffic may be anticipated. 

Promat Promaseal Bulkhead board

The Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer System forms a barrier against the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases. The system is the simplest of all fire stopping products to install. It can be installed in both concrete/masonry floors and walls.

Promat Promaseal Fire Pillows

Promaseal Pillows are used in special occasions where other fire barrier solutions cannot be used. 

Promat Promaseal Fyrestrip

Promaseal FyreStrip is ideal for sealing high movement joints at junctions between compartment walls and floors. Its flexibility makes them suitable for use in a variety of configurations.