Concrete Remediation, Caulking, Structural Grouting, Waterproofing, Grouting to baseplates

Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport is located approximately six kilometres west of Adelaide’s CBD and serves as the principal international, domestic and regional gateway to South Australia for commercial aircraft, charter and airfreight.

In line with the 2009 Master Plan, the proposed development of the terminals precinct for a multi-level car park was realised, realigning the existing terminals precinct road system along with the development of a pedestrian plaza between the existing terminal 1 (t1) building, and the new multi-level car park.

With considerable expertise in concrete repair and a reputation for efficient and flexible mobilisation of its skilled workforce, Portolesi Structural Group was engaged to undertake work to the pedestrian plaza and multi-level car park.

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Summary of Works:

Concrete Remediation
Structural Grouting
Grouting to baseplates

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Published on Monday, February 17, 2014

Adelaide Desalination Plant

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