Concrete Caulking Services for Construction

Portolesi Structural began as Construction Caulking Services in 1982 and is South Australia’s largest and most experienced caulking company. Regarded as the industry leader, Portolesi Structural has been involved in every major project in SA over the past 30 years as well as major projects in VIC, ACT, NSW and NT.

Caulk provides thermal insulation, controls water penetration, reduces noise and is a component in fire proofing. A concrete caulking sealant general allows movement from 25-50% of the width of the joint. Portolesi Group brings a wealth of experience to construction caulking projects and can recommend the best product to suit the project size and environment.

Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:


SikaFlex Pro is a polyurethane based elastic joint sealant for sealing expansion joints in buildings and civil structures including use as a precast concrete joint sealer, curtain walls and cladding joints, and for flexible draught proofing around door and window frames.

Emer-seal Range

Parachem Emer-Seal is a range of high performance joint sealants designed for sealing expansion and construction joints. These range from polyurethane based adhesives for sealing concrete panels and cladding (PU25), highly abbrasion resistant polyurethane for bonding construction materials in high traffic areas such as floor joints (PU40) and Emer-Seal CR designed for sealing expansion and construction joints which need to be resistant to chemical and biological agents.

BASF Caulk

BASF MasterSeal waterproofing and sealant solutions for joint sealing against moisture and chemical attack. BASF Australia provide a range of construction chemicals under the Masters Builders Solutions brand.

Tremco Euco Qwikjoint 200

Euco Qwikjoint 200 is a fast-setting polyurea for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. It reduces spalling of the joint edges by providing support and protection from heavy loads and wheel traffic.


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