Kodo Towers

Kodo Towers

The 32 level apartment building suffered from a serious structural failure during the construction as a result of poor installation process. This resulted in the immediate evacuation of the building and significant back propping to ensure the risk of further failure was eliminated while a remediation process was developed.

PC were urgently engaged to assist on a number of levels. Firstly, and most urgently, understanding what had caused failure needed to be determined. From there it was possible to understand the likely scope of the failure given the processes that were implemented to carry out the grouting were found by PC to be seriously (and dangerously) flawed. Finally a remediation process was developed and quality assurance systems were established to operate in conjunction with the rectification works.

In the end up, to 80 load bearing precast elements were located and rectified using the methods established by PC, resulting in a full sign off of restored structural integrity by the engineers and designers, and complete satisfaction from the principal contractor.

On the back of this process, and in light of other similar high profile failures such as the Opal Towers in NSW PC along with WGA and the Pre-Cast Association of Australia have developed a hand book specifically for the correct procedures relating to the various grouting systems typically found in civil and commercial construction.


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