Mersey Rd Pump Station

Mersey Rd Pump Station

Client – Port Adelaide Council

Contract – Mersey Rd Pump Station steel rehabilitation


The steel rehabilitation of the Mersey Rd Pump Station in Port Adelaide was awarded to our team in August of 2020 with works being performed in late October through November. The operation was complex in that the client did not want to fully drain the station, nor take it off line, so our crew had to work in both a confined space over a working pump pit, and make sure full encapsulation was meticulously managed to remove any risk of contaminates entering into the system. The works were further complicated by the limited ingress/egress and the cramped conditions.

The outcome speaks for itself in the images where the team completed the works with incredible success and to the client’s expectation both in quality and safety. Further, works were completed ahead of program. In addition, our robust quality systems were able to confirm areas of failed structural steel which needed immediate remediation, though this was not part of our scope. These variations were scoped, assessed and remediated with almost no impact on the overall works program, and all to the highest performance standard.


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