Northern Connector SA

Northern Connector SA

Principal Builder – Lendlease

Contract duration – 12 months (still in progress)

Contract value - $2mil


Being involved in the project while still in design stage ensured Portolesi Structural could create the most appropriate sealing system for the project.  The project, which consists of 141,000m of saw-cut control joints in the 14km of concrete roadway required a very different application system to maintain the low noise surface required.  While concrete roads are common, significant sealant failure has plagued the process as often, this sealing is either self completed by the head contractor or by companies not experienced in this type of work.  As a specialised contractor of caulking work, Portolesi Structural were able to determine where failures on other projects would be expected and then modify the installation process to ensure that these fail points were eliminated.   

The projects is still in its construction phase but to date the sealant is 95% and a failure rate of 0% has been achieved while still maintaining the construction program

Summary of Works:

Cement Based Sprays
Concrete Reinforcement Scanning
Concrete Remediation
Concrete skim coating
Epoxy based structural grouting
Grouting to baseplates
High pressure cold water wash
Passive Fire Protection
Polyurethane waterstop injection
PS200 Ferroscan system
PU or Epoxy Injection
Spray Applied Coating
Structural Concrete Repairs
Structural Grouting
Structural grouting by pump
Structural repairs
Waterproof membranes
Surface Treatment Works

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