Tailem Bend Water Tower

Tailem Bend Water Tower

Fulton Hogan/SA Water

Concrete repair, Polyurethane Injection, Anti Carbonation Coating

The Tailem Bend water tower dominates the skyline in the regional town of Tailem Bend. The water tower is of concrete construction and services the large town of Tailem Bend.

It is situated next to the Tailem Bend Hospital and is on top of the cliff that overlooks the River Murray. Tailem Bend is a medium sized town located on top of the cliffs that abut the Murray River floodplain and is in the key position where the Princes, Dukes and Mallee Highways intersect. The town, surveyed in the late 1800's originally grew around the railway junction but has eventually become a service town for the highways that pass through it, primarily as it is the first town that motorists pass through heading east from Adelaide

(as taken from https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/wm395Y_Tailem_Bend_Water_Tower_Tailem_Bend_South_Australia)

Years of neglect had left the tank in seriously poor condition with extensive corrosion within it’s structure, water leaking through the concrete walls of the tank, and spalling of concrete at all window openings.

Fulton Hogan were operating as principal contractor, with our staff performing all works including safety management, quality management, testing, methodologies, material spec and programming. With great success the tower was fully rehabilitated to a ‘better than new’ condition extending it’s life expectancy by 50yrs+


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