Viterra Port Giles & Wallaroo

Viterra Port Giles & Wallaroo

Viterra operates a grain storage and handling network spanning key growing regions in South Australia and Victoria, including seven operational port terminals located along the South Australian coast. With a total storage capacity across the network of more than 10 million tonnes, the storage and handling facilities are accredited to meet the highest national and international standards of quality control and food safety management through best practice policies and procedures.

Silos at both the Port Giles and Wallaroo sites, located on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, were demonstrating severe surface mould, built up over many years, damaging the underlying protective coating system of the silos. Surface mould harbours moisture due to natural rain and dew, and when left untreated can cause corrosion to the weld seam to the steel silo, ultimately affecting the structural stability.

Portolesi Structural were commissioned to carry out concrete remediation work to the roof and walls of the silos, high pressure water wash the surface mould to remove, as well as abrasive blasting to remove corrosion, reinstating the protective coating system.


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