Firetex MMA 6002

Firetex MMA 6002

FIRETEX® FX6002 has been designed as a ultra fast drying intumescent to significantly increase productivity when applying fire protection. FX6002 is the second generation of Sherwin-Williams unique and innovative patented technology FX6000. Supporting design and creative exposure of structural steel surfaces in building design. FX6002 extends the scope of protection across steelwork whilst at the same time reduces the required thickness.
The ultra fast cure removes drying “bottlenecks” in the paint shop but also means rapid weather resistance for site applied material. Imagine, a 120 minute hollow section painted, cured, DFT checked and top coated in a single shift! Designed with excellent mechanical durability to minimise or eliminate transport and erection damage. FX6002 will also resist damage typical of a busy and congested construction site.



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