Passive Fire Treatment

Fire Retardant Spray, Intumescent Coatings and Fire Retardant Paint Application

Passive fire systems are typically the unseen but critical component protecting a structure from the risks of fire. These systems are designed to retain structural integrity of a build to enable evacuation and minimise overall building damage. Often ambiguous and regularly under considered by designers passive fire systems are now being developed into applications that both achieve the required FRL, and also consider buildability, appearance and cost. Portolesi is the industry leader in epoxy, solvent, water, and MM8 based intumescent paints, vermiculite, concrete filling, boarding and penetration sealing systems having performed works on major Tier 1 projects from the far Nth Western Australia, through to the centre of Sydney. However, it’s not just the operational aspect that sets Portolesi apart but their ability to develop bespoke and hybrid systems unique to every job. This has revolutionised the industry that previously was governed by paint manufacturers wanting to sell paint, and engineers often with little specific product knowledge. Portolesi has the team and expertise to bring all parties together so a collective success is achieved.

The risk of fire to buildings, property and equipment is a consideration necessary in all new buildings and structures so Passive Fire Protection is one of the most important factors to be considered. Passive Fire Protection is designing a building in such a way that it’s difficult for a fire to start and spread and therefore includes compartmentalization of the overall building through the use of fire-resistance rated walls and floors.

Walls with control joints are protected with a rated fire sealant. Structural beams and columns can be treated with varying systems including vermiculate based fire sprays, intumescent paint or fire rated board. Penetrations through fire rated walls are treated with fire pillows, fire rated mortars and collars.

Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:

Tremco Paints Nullifire

Nullifire is a next generation intumescent paint that is fast becoming the industry standard. Where other paints have traditionally had limitations such as cost, duration of application, weather resistance and durability Nullifire excels. Nullifires unique formula means it can be applied in significantly greater thicknesses than other comparable systems, but with standard airless plant. It can be sanded and re-coated within hours, can be sprayed onto un-primed steel, doesn’t require a topcoat, and can be left in the elements unaffected.

International Paints Charteck

Portolesi Structural is one of only a limited few certified installers of Chartek fireproofing in Australia, and is the only company to develop a completely unique method of application that creates a highly architectural bespoke finish to what’s traditionally been seen as a product for the high performance fields of gas, mining and marine. Chartek is a 2-part epoxy based intumescent system typically applied with a heated plural pump and requires a high degree of specialised training to become a qualified applicator. Not every project will require this level of product, but when the need arises Portolesi are the ‘go to’ company in Australia. Recently the largest intumescent project in Australia APHS Paramatta was completed by our skilled team of up to 20 employees with the architectural results nothing short of astonishing.

International Paints Interchar

International Paints have long been seen as the industry pace setters for protective and intumescent coatings. Their range of solvent and water-based intumescent paints covers all forms of application and in many cases can be applied on site.

Cafco Sprayfilm WB

Cafco SprayFilm achieves required fire resistive ratings using less material than other intumescent coatings.

Cafco 300 Vermiculite Spray

Cafco 300 is a durable, vermiculite gypsum based, wet mix, commercial density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection to concealed floor and roof assembly.

Cafco Fendolite 

Cafco Fenderlite's high-density Wet Mix Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) is designed to provide fire protection for structural steel and concrete where physical abuse or high traffic may be anticipated. 

Promat Promaseal Bulkhead board

The Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer System forms a barrier against the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases. The system is the simplest of all fire stopping products to install. It can be installed in both concrete/masonry floors and walls.

Promat Promaseal Fire Pillows

Promaseal Pillows are used in special occasions where other fire barrier solutions cannot be used. 

Promat Promaseal Fyrestrip

Promaseal FyreStrip is ideal for sealing high movement joints at junctions between compartment walls and floors. Its flexibility makes them suitable for use in a variety of configurations.


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