About Us
At the forefront of specialist concrete repair and remedial services to the construction industry in South Australia for over thirty years.

Developed from a family business, Portolesi Structural is a multi-faceted specialist provider of construction and remediation solutions across the Civil, Construction, Mining, Wastewater and Asset Rehabilitation sectors Australia wide. As a solutions-based company Portolesi Structural understands that a ‘one fits all’ philosophy is not suited to most situations and pride themselves on partnering with clients to deliver specific outcomes suited to each project. Having unrivalled technical understanding and expertise in the unique fields of passive fire treatment, structural grouting, concrete remediation, shotcrete, protective coatings and waterproofing Portolesi can be trusted to deliver systems and solutions that will give certainty of outcome to your most critical needs.

Specialists in large scale concrete repair work, waterproofing, floor coating and are also highly skilled in large scale epoxy injection work.

Effective Solutions


We work closely with structural engineers and designers to develop structural systems and procedures, and can work with you at the commencement of your project to determine best practice for the structure of your development, including post-design grouting.

With expertise in large scale civil, commercial and government work, we work in partnership with all clients to deliver a high standard of work across a broad range of services.

We welcome any opportunity to talk with you to discuss your job requirements, and how Portolesi Structural can assist in delivering you an effective and efficient solution.