Civil and Commercial Shotcrete & Concreting

Shotcrete is a generic term for a spray-application of concretes.

Construction, Wall Lining, Stabilising, and Embankment Application Services

Shotcrete is a generic term for the spray-application of concrete via a traditional concrete pump. Shotcrete is concrete or mortar conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique.

Shotcrete when it was first used in USA in 1907 was known as ‘gunite’ with the name still used to this day. It is an efficient method of structural and non-structural application of concrete to a prescribed location including but not limited to, lining tunnel walls, mines, dams, detention tanks, embankments and slope stabilisation.

Slope stabilisation specifically can prove difficult but with shotcrete and its ability to work in difficult to reach terrain, this is made easier to finish professionally and efficiently resulting in safer environments and cleaner water run-off to storm water.

Waterproofing Your Asset

Portolesi Group are the first company in Australia to provide shotcrete services by workers specifically trained in recognising the importance of ground water and the impact it can have on the integrity of the shotcrete. As an extension to complete shotrete services including reinforcement installation, drainage and trowel finished concrete Portolesi brings the unique skills required to deliver the optimum waterproofing outcomes typically overlooked by most contractors. This includes pre-installation sheet membranes such as Proofex Engage©, barrier and water stop injections systems, and the highly specialised PrePrufe© system using the combination of sheet membranes and post installation dry side injection all in one.


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