Cement Based Sprays

Spray on Concrete, Renders and Shotcrete

Portolesi Structural undertake concrete spraying of specific cement based materials to treat surfaces. Cementitious materials are used in the municipal wastewater industry. Concrete Spraying provides high-strength, corrosion-resistant protection.

Materials that can be sprayed include renders, guncrete, calcium aluminate mortar, cement based waterproofers and repair materials. These complex processes require specific machinery and skills to ensure that the material is applied safely and effectively in all situations and locations, including under confined space protocols where required.

Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:


SewperCoat Wet Spray and SewperCoat Dry Spray is a cementitious mortar that is fully compatible with the moist environment found in sewers.

Gunite /Shotcrete

Gunite or Shotcrete, as it's commonly named, is a method and in effect a sprayed version of a cast-in-place concrete wall which is reinforced by steel rods or mesh and / or fibres. Portolesi Structural have performed this in sewage tanks, cellars and basement walls just to name a few.

Renderoc G

Renderoc G is an acid resistant repair mortar used for the protection of soft water damaged concrete.


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