Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting, Grout Pumping & Structural Grouting

Structural Grouting is a specialist process requiring specific project knowledge and experience to ensure concrete and epoxy-based grout is placed into areas without the production of air voids. Portolesi Structural uses a range of specialist pressure grouting pumps and mixing units to ensure that we can successfully complete the largest and most complex construction grout injection projects. As experienced construction grouting contractors we work with the Engineering team to provide concise procedures for every project demonstrating precisely how the placement will be undertaken.

Portolesi have developed methods and carried out various forms of grouting to load bearing elements throughout Australia including bridge bearings, machine bases, structural steel, precast, rail, wind farm, and pretty much anywhere 2 or more load bearing elements need to be correctly connected!

Further to this, Portolesi have been specifically brought into projects where failures have occurred needing independent and immediate assessment and rectification. A recent example of this was at the 32 floor Kodo Towers in Adelaide where faulty precast installation led to panels and columns dropping and break apart. Once the building was made secure our team of technical advisers worked with the project engineers to determine the cause of the problem, develop a rectification process and carry out the works successfully with limited impact on program.

Portolesi carry a range of grout pumps to service and tasks from the biggest requiring their trailer concrete pump, all the way down to the smallest drill pumps used for delicate bearing elements where subtlety and control is more important than speed or volume.


  • Jaycon Concrete Pump
  • Bunker 3-Phase Pump
  • Chem-Grout Diesel Pump
  • Wagner PC 25 Electric Pumps
  • Putzmeister Electric Pumps
Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:

Parchem Conbextra Range of Epoxy and Cement Based Grouts

The Parchem Conbextra Range are shrinkage compensated and general-purpose grouting with high early strength and long-term durability. Conbextra’s range of products includes epoxy based high strength grouts used for applications where dynamic loading needs to be factored such as rail tracks and bridge bearings. Conbextra’s cement-based range of grouts are considered some of the best and most laboratory tested in the world. These include HES (High Early Strength), HS (High Strength), HF (High Flow) and the multi-purpose C.

Megapoxy Grouts and Anchors

Megapoxy have long been seen as an industry standard for epoxy-based grouts, anchors and coating. Portolesi is a specialist applicator of these products including Megapoxy 206 high strength epoxy grout used regularly in critical applications where fast cure, high early strength, durability, and dynamic loading is critical.

BASF Grouts

Grouting solutions from BASF effectively handles tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic loads. These products are designed to withstand demanding conditions, providing security, structural stability and alignment.

Sika Grout

Sika Grout are Portland cement based cementitious grouts and commonly used in work performed by Portolesi Structural.


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