Wet Well & Sewer Rehabilitation

Wet Well & Sewer Rehabilitation

Spray Applied Cement Based Coating, Polyurea, Insitu Membranes and Liquid Applied Membranes

Portolesi Structural undertake concrete spraying of specific materials to rehabilitee concrete surfaces in the extreme environmental conditions produced in sewer, wet well and municipal wastewater industry climates. Concrete Spraying provides high-strength, corrosion-resistant protection. Other products such as polyureas, epoxies and sheet membranes are also regularly specified all of which are part of the Portolesi range.

Products specialised in but not limited to include the following:

Fosroc CAC

Renderoc CAC is used to rehabilitate sewer infrastructures that have been damaged over years by biogenic corrosion. Renderoc CAC can also be used to provide a protection lining to new infrastructures that will be exposed to biogenic corrosion conditions.

Renderoc CAC is available in dry spray and wet spray. The Renderoc CAC Dry Spray is supplied as a ready to use dry powder for use with standard dry spray gunite or shotcrete equipment. And the Renderoc CAC Wet Spray is a cementitious mortar, fully compatible with the moist environment found in sewers.


The properties of Renderoc CAC result from the chemical and mineral phases formed during the hydration process.

  • Inhibits bacterial activity
  • Neutralizes sulfuric acid
  • Readily adheres to damp concrete
  • Easy monolithic installation
  • Provides long term corrosion protection
  • Contains no VOC’s


Hybrid Polyurea, Spray Elastomer System

Product Description

Two-part, fast-curing, hybrid polyurea, spray applied elastomeric coating. It provides a premium quality, high build, long-life protective coating to concrete and metal substrates on major civil, infrastructure and commercial construction projects. Formulated using the latest polyurea technology, it forms an impenetrable barrier that is resistant to water, many chemicals and wear, while fully- resistant to water, CHEMSPRAY™ 790 is not recommended for potable water contact. We recommend our CHEMSPRAY™ 690 pure polyurea system for applications requiring full potable water certification to AS/NZS 4020:2005.

Product Advantages

  • Simple application – fast-cure
  • Abrasion and chemical-resistant
  • Long-life – permanently flexible
  • Resists reflection cracking in concrete
  • Suitable for continuous immersion in fresh and salt waters plus desalination permeate


BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet

BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet is used for lining concrete structures subject to aggressive chemical environments. BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet comes in a range of thicknesses for various performance applications. The membrane may be applied to both new and existing structures for protection, enhancement or repair requirements. Sewer pipelines systems (precast) Wastewater treatment tanks and structures Marine works - piles and pile caps Tunnel waterproofing Rehabilitation and post installations. Resistant to chemical and mechanical impact Fully welded homogeneous lining Low maintenance Time saving and reliable installation High anchor pull-out strength


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