nRAH machine plinth and MMA waterproof membrane

nRAH machine plinth and MMA waterproof membrane

Application of Deckshield ED Rapide from Flowcrete

nRAH machine plinth and MMA waterproof membrane

Client – Watson Fitzgerald


The new Royal Adelaide Hospital was the most expensive build in the southern hemisphere at the time of construction around 2014. A large component of the works was a high wear car park waterproof membrane covering several thousand m2. This membrane failed…..importantly it was not applied by Portolesi….and as part of the State Government’s ownership of the warranty now needs to be replaced.

Portolesi were contracted by Watson Fitzgerald to construct several concrete machine plinths. As part of this contract the wpm needed to be applied to the area with approval given to the new spec of Deckshield ED Rapide from Flowcrete.  This is a high tech, flexible membrane with the added benefit of being trafficable within 2hrs, and the full 5 layer system can be applied in 1 shift making it perfect for active carparks. Portolesi with the support of Flowcrete and Rayners, applied this first section with amazing results as seen by the pictures.

Summary of Works:

Concrete Remediation
Waterproof membranes
Protective coatings
Trafficable membranes
Carpark rehabilitation
Concrete pumping
Concrete grinding
Reinforcement installation

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