South Road Urban Superway

South Road Urban Superway

involved construction of the $812 million South Road Superway project – the single biggest investment in a South Australian road project, and also the state’s most complex engineering road construction project to date. Designed to reduce traffic congestion and travel time at major road and rail intersections, the Urban Superway delivered a 4.8 kilometre non-stop highway corridor linking the Port River Expressway to Regency Road in Adelaide’s north, of which 2.8 kilometres is an elevated freeway. The project encompasses a long term plan to upgrade this road into a non-stop north to south route.

As part of the on-going upkeep of the bridge JHG engaged Portolesi Consulting to carry out several structural assessments to various elements, and develop suitable remediation processes and quality certification for future maintenance. Portolesi Consulting pulled together many of their partners for this project including Levay and Co, and MLEI Structural Engineers.

Further to this, PC was requested to develop an inspection document and process for the many roadway structural expansion joint systems. This process has been accepted and implemented by DPTI.

Summary of Works:

Concrete Remediation
Structural Grouting

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