Southern Expressway Duplication

Southern Expressway Duplication

The Southern Expressway Duplication project was designed to turn the once multi-lane, one-way reversible expressway into a multi-lane, permanent two-way expressway. The $407.5 million duplication was a key part of the development of the north-south corridor, delivering an 18.5 kilometre two-way expressway to relieve heavy traffic from Main South Road, a major arterial road in the south of Adelaide.

Portolesi Structural were contracted to install a latham joint system on all bridges located along the 18.5 kilometre expressway. Additionally, a second team were commissioned to apply paint and anti-graffiti coating to approximately 6,000 square metres of precast structures, along with various concrete remediation works.

Summary of Works:

Concrete Remediation
Floor Coating
Structural Grouting
Surface Treatments - Staining - anti graffiti

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